As an experienced facilitator, researcher, and journalist, I bring a unique and dynamic skillset to my work. My focus on digital innovation, urbanism, and storytelling allows me to help organizations and individuals achieve their goals in innovative and transformative ways. I am available for workshop facilitation, strategic communication, content production, science storytelling, consulting and research. Please get in touch via email, linkedin or researchgate.

With a keen understanding of the latest digital technologies and their potential impact on urban environments, work processes and communication, I am able to guide teams and organizations through innovation and transformation processes. My experience working with the private and public sector gives me a broad perspective on how to successfully navigate complex collaborations and achieve meaningful results. See my portfolio for references.

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As a researcher, I am dedicated to exploring the intersection of technology and urbanism. My work at the CityScienceLab, in collaboration with the MIT Media Lab, has allowed me to gain insight into the development and implementation of cutting-edge urban tech innovations. My ongoing PhD research on Co-Creating the Digital City with the Heinrich Böll Foundation explores new modes of collaboration within tech development and urbanism, with a particular focus on participatory modelling, open governance, generative AI, and new work.

As a passionate storyteller and formally trained journalist, I bring a creative and engaging approach to science communication. My experience producing content for DER SPIEGEL, as well as my current work on a podcast with architecture magazine kntxtr, has allowed me to hone my skills in audio and video production. If you need support with your storytelling or strategic communication, I am available for consultation and collaboration, both for companies, organizations and individuals.

Overall, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project I undertake. With a mindset for learning and a commitment to collaboration, I am confident that I can help you achieve your goals in innovative and transformative ways. Please get in touch via email, linkedin or researchgate to explore how we can work together.