FairCare Verkehr – Mapping the mobilities of unpaid Care Workers

Urban infrastructures are oftenimes unsuitable to the needs of care workers, such as people caring for children or elderly people, because their needs are oftentimes overlooked in planning processes. As part of the Connected Urban Twins project, currently the largest smart city research project in Germany, we wanted to make visible to challenges and barriers FairCare Verkehr – Mapping the mobilities of unpaid Care Workers

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Portrait in kntxtr

A feature on my work was published by the architecture and urbanism website kntxtr. I talked about the background to my urban research, my thesis about migration policies in Brussels and female leadership. Two years later, we are working together.

Article on bias in automated systems for DIE ZEIT

(…) Bei dem Algorithmus von Cognitec wird die Datenbank seit 1995 kontinuierlich mit Bildern gefüllt, mittlerweile sind es Millionen. »Wir haben inzwischen einen guten Querschnitt. Am Anfang, als wir losgelegt haben, war das nicht der Fall«, sagt Pampus. Eine geringe Fehlerrate bleibe, die im Übrigen kleiner sei als bei der Verarbeitung durch den Menschen. Im Article on bias in automated systems for DIE ZEIT

Visual Storytelling at DER SPIEGEL

Between 2013-2017 I was part of the multimedia desk of DER SPIEGEL. We experimented with multimedia storytelling to accompany the print magazine for screens. My responsibilities were the supervision and production of visual stories – video and photo essays and short documentaries that would be featured in DER SPIEGEL Weitwinkel. I wrote concepts, conducted the Visual Storytelling at DER SPIEGEL

A gif of a young girl sailing on the ocean, a skyline of gaza behind her

Visual Campaign for Deichtorhallen

Together with my partner Agata Szymanska-Medina, we produced two videos for Deichtorhallen Freundeskreis des Hauses der Photographie. The videos were part of their visual campaign and have since been used for PR purposes.

A screenshot from the video showing a group of people in a gallery, laughing