FairCare Verkehr – Mapping the mobilities of unpaid Care Workers

Urban infrastructures are oftenimes unsuitable to the needs of care workers, such as people caring for children or elderly people, because their needs are oftentimes overlooked in planning processes. As part of the Connected Urban Twins project, currently the largest smart city research project in Germany, we wanted to make visible to challenges and barriers FairCare Verkehr – Mapping the mobilities of unpaid Care Workers

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Digitalization in rural areas

As a coach for Digitalization & Innovation, I was part of the participatory design process for the development of a regional strategy in East Belgium. The process was designed and implemented by HJP Planer who trusted me to accompany their process. More on the project here. A podcast on our workshop can be found here.

Papers published on Co-Creating Urban Technologies

Within my phd project, I published several papers on Co-Creating Urban Technologies. Thoneick, R.; Degkwitz, T.; Lieven, C. (2021). Advancing Participatory Democracy through Collaborative Data Platforms. In: Schwegmann, R.; Ziemer, G.; Noennig, J. (ed). Digital City Science. Researching New Technologies in Urban Environments. Berlin: Jovis. Thoneick, R.; Malchow, M.; Breckner; I.; Noennig, J. (2021). Complex Papers published on Co-Creating Urban Technologies

Digital Innovations in the Post-Corona City

A panel of four discussed on digital innovations that were sparked during the Corona pandemia during the MACH AG Innovatives Management 2020 conference. Which transformations, innovations and new ways of collaboration have been established, and which ones will last? More information on the conference on the MACH AG website, and a video interview.

Portrait in kntxtr

A feature on my work was published by the architecture and urbanism website kntxtr. I talked about the background to my urban research, my thesis about migration policies in Brussels and female leadership. Two years later, we are working together.

Portrait in Tagesspiegel Background Digitalisierung & KI

Wie finden wir Lösungen für die Digitalisierung der öffentlichen Verwaltung? Agil, legitim und elegant sollen sie sein, diesen Anspruch stellt der Kongress Digitaler Staat, der heute in Berlin stattfindet. Rosa Thoneick erhofft sich von der Veranstaltung einen konstruktiven Austausch, vor allem über die Entwicklung einer neuen Fehlerkultur, die im Widerspruch mit den Verwaltungsstrukturen stehe. Sie Portrait in Tagesspiegel Background Digitalisierung & KI

Panel discussion: Networked City at Humboldt Institut für Internet und Gesellschaft

What are the social models and city concepts shaping urban tech? Visions, Concepts and Narratives for the Networked City discusses the dynamic dialogue between city visions and urban concepts from the past and todays’ Smart City narratives. The panel discussion was organized by Hybrid Space Lab and hosted by Humboldt Institut für Internet und Gesellschaft Panel discussion: Networked City at Humboldt Institut für Internet und Gesellschaft


Each year, the MIT Media Lab’s CityScience Network comes together for a two-day conference to network and exchange ideas in digital city science. In 2019, the Hamburg CityScienceLab hosted the event. The first day saw keynote speeches by Lord Norman Foster, Dr. Maja Göpel and others in Elbphilharmonie. The second day invited researchers and practitioners CityScienceSummit

A T-shirt with the print "Cities Without"

Urban Innovation with JES

Communication and Documentation with JES Julia Erdmann Socialtecture. Urban Research and Design, Social Architecture and Co-Creation.

Urban Design Master Thesis

Research and Design Proposal on Migration Policies in Brussels. Graduation from HafenCity University, Urban Design programme, with distinction (1.0). The thesis is available online.

The printed thesis, a hand holding the book open on the front page

Research Stay in Chongqing

As part of the Learning Cities workshops conducted by Mercator Foundation, Wuppertal Institure and Chora Lab Berlin, I spent a month in 2016 in China, three weeks in Chongqing, and one in Beijing. In international student project groups, we conducted research on urban historical neighborhoods in Chongqing and developed an urban design proposal for a Research Stay in Chongqing

A young boy holding a Chinese flag walking on a sun-bathed sidewalk